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Samay Resorts is the new name for La Marina Resorts, a chain of campgrounds and resorts in Spain. We offer accommodation and entertainment for all tastes at three establishments located in different parts of the country. The largest and most well-known is Samay La Marina, situated on the beaches of Elche (Alicante). It features a complex of bungalows, plots, and villas, as well as a leisure area with pools, a water park, spa, gym, restaurants, and much more. Another of our establishments is Samay Devesa Gardens, located in Valencia. This campground is surrounded by a privileged natural environment, next to the Albufera Natural Park. We offer accommodation in bungalows, mobile homes, and camping plots, as well as a variety of services and facilities such as pools, playgrounds, restaurants, and bars. Lastly, in Samay Aranjuez, located in Aranjuez (Madrid), you will find accommodation in bungalows and camping plots, as well as pools with slides, entertainment, sports courts, and plenty of family fun.


Samay Resorts is currently, after a spectacular evolution over the past few years, a chain of tourist resorts, offering not only accommodation in pitches and bungalows, but also an extensive variety of complementary services aimed at satisfying the needs of our clients during their vacations and surpassing their expectations. Samay Resorts' primary focus is on achieving the well-being of our clients, with whom, due to the nature of our service, we maintain direct and continuous contact. This situation requires us to carry out our work under a system of continuous improvement that provides increasing satisfaction to those who visit us. Primarily focused on family tourism, our facilities and services seek to provide fun for the whole family: water park, spa, a wide range of entertainment activities for all ages, and a supermarket. Always meeting extremely high standards of quality.


We aspire to become and remain a chain of tourist resorts of reference at the European level, as we are currently considered one of the best campgrounds in Europe (Leading Campings of Europe). Our target audience is family tourism during peak seasons, and senior tourism from northern and central Europe for long stays, taking advantage of the mild winters in the area, all while offering comprehensive service with high standards of quality.

People: Our staff is our most important support system, so their degree of involvement and motivation in carrying out their work becomes one of our objectives. We aim to be a great place to work, where individuals feel capable of giving their best every day. The ongoing training of our staff to enhance their skills is a topic that management is committed to continuously promoting.

Planet: Samay Resorts pursues pollution prevention at the source whenever and wherever possible, ensuring that facilities and services comply with applicable environmental legislation and meet voluntarily acquired environmental commitments. Likewise, we convey to customers and employees the importance of adopting an attitude of respect and conservation towards the environment, promoting the reduction, recycling, and reuse of waste produced, reducing energy and water consumption in facilities, and, whenever possible, enhancing water reuse.

Productivity: To be an effective and dynamic organization, maximizing performance while always keeping in mind the pursuit of excellence.

Aware that every company has a social commitment to its surroundings and its people, Samay Resorts has been collaborating for some time with many initiatives proposed by the City Council of Elche and the population of La Marina. These are some of the collaborations:

Sponsorship of local sports teams such as the La Marina Basketball Club.
Sponsor of the Elche Promesas football team.
Sponsor of the Elche Festivities and their festival committees. More than 50 committees from different neighborhoods and districts. Each year, we organize a weekend for the Festivities Management and the UFECE, bringing the Queens and Ladies of the Festivities to Samay La Marina.
Main sponsor of the Pins y Mar race, which attracts 1,000 runners to the La Marina district every year.
Sponsor of the patron saint festivities of La Marina, covering a significant part of the concerts and providing the "Trenet" as a float during the festivities and at Christmas.
Sponsor of the "barraca" at the La Marina festivities.
Grant to a non-profit organization that protects an area of the Amazon by sponsoring 100 trees.