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Frequent questions

Resolve your doubts thanks to this frequently asked questions page. For any questions or suggestions, please contact us through the form.


Can we bring pets?

+ -

Yes, they are allowed.

In the vast majority of plots, dogs are allowed (there is a zone of plots where they are not permitted). In the Tajo, Jarama bungalows, Bungalow 21 and 22, and Riviera apartments.

What facilities are available while staying?

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Access to the pool and slides, miniclub, animation, sports courts.

Can I book for less than a week?

+ -

Yes, except in high season when it is only possible to book a minimum of 7 nights. Always check with reception in High Season.

Is there WIFI?

+ -

For reasons beyond our control, we CANNOT OFFER wifi or internet service at the camping.

Is there animation throughout the year?

+ -

Animation is available in high season, Easter, and long weekends. However, you can check all the information on our website or contact our reception department.

Can we bring bicycles?

+ -

Yes, of course!

Can I barbecue at the camping?

+ -

Inside the plots and bungalows, barbecues can be done, but there is no designated area for them in the facilities.

What camping cards do you accept?

+ -

CampingKey (check validity periods with reception), ACSI, ADAC

Is the pool heated?

+ -

No, the pool is at ambient temperature.

How is the bungalow equipped?

+ -

The bungalow is fully equipped. It is not necessary to bring sheets or towels.

Are bed and towel changes made?

+ -

Sheets included (one weekly cleaning included from 8 nights stay with change of sheets). Bath towels included (change every 3 days from 4 nights stay)

What is the maximum capacity of people per bungalow?

+ -

Normally the maximum capacity per bungalow is 5 people except for bungalow 21.

Can you smoke inside the bungalows?

+ -

No, it is prohibited to smoke inside the bungalow by law. In case it is detected that smoking has occurred, the deposit will be retained.

Are visits allowed and what is their price?

+ -

Visits are allowed depending on the camping occupancy and as long as the total capacity of your accommodation is not exceeded. Their price would be 10€ for adults and 8€ for children.

Is there a barbecue and/or picnic area?

+ -

There is no barbecue or picnic area.

Can I park the car near the bungalow?

+ -

Yes, each bungalow has 1 parking space. If more cars come, they will be left outside the camping.