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At Devesa Gardens, you can enjoy unforgettable vacations with family or friends. Have fun in our water park, relax in our spa, savour the gastronomy in our restaurants and bars, exercise in our gym, or practice your favourite sport on our multi-sport courts. Plus, enjoy nightly shows and entertainment for all ages at the Coliseum. Have a great time at our Dino Golf.



Canine Residence

The jungle

The Fair







Discover Devesa Gym at Samay Devesa Gardens, your fitness destination with a natural touch. Come to our gym equipped with machines to train and achieve your physical well-being goals, also during your vacation!

Unser Supermarkt ist darauf ausgerichtet, alle deine Bedürfnisse während deines Aufenthalts in Devesa Gardens zu erfüllen. Wir bieten eine breite Auswahl an wichtigen Produkten, von frischen Lebensmitteln und Getränken bis hin zu Hygieneartikeln und Campingbedarf. Ein freundlicher Service, damit du alles findest, was du brauchst, ohne das Resort verlassen zu müssen. Ob du eine Grillparty planst, Vorräte für deinen Aufenthalt benötigst oder einfach nur etwas Leckeres für den Familiengebrauch wünschst.

Welcome to Devesalia, the perfect dog residence in the midst of nature, next to Valencia. Here, we are dedicated to providing your furry friends with vacations as fantastic as yours. Located within Samay Devesa Gardens, our facilities offer specific areas for walking, recreation, and play for your pets.


At Devesalia, we understand that each animal is unique, so we have spacious individual kennels adapted for both dogs and cats. Our highly trained and qualified staff will provide the best care and attention to your beloved pets.


Trust us to ensure your furry friends enjoy vacations as exceptional as yours. Discover the peace of mind knowing that Devesalia is the perfect temporary home for your four-legged companions while you relax and enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Let us take care of them with love and dedication!

En Devesalia, comprendemos que cada animal es único, por eso contamos con amplios boxes individuales adaptados tanto para perros como para gatos. Nuestro personal altamente capacitado y cualificado se encargará de proporcionar la mejor atención y cuidados a tus queridas mascotas.
Confía en nosotros para que tus amigos peludos disfruten de unas vacaciones tan excepcionales como las tuyas. Descubre la tranquilidad de saber que Devesalia es el hogar temporal perfecto para tus compañeros de cuatro patas mientras te relajas y disfrutas de tus merecidas vacaciones. ¡Déjanos cuidar de ellos con cariño y dedicación!

Welcome to our entertainment center for all ages! In our indoor space, we have created facilities and activities designed to ensure fun for both children and adults alike.

Our ball pit is the perfect place for the little ones to explore, play, and have fun in a safe and exciting environment. Additionally, we have children's play areas designed to stimulate imagination and motor skills development.Are you a football enthusiast? We have something special for you! Enjoy our indoor soft football pitch, where you can play thrilling matches with friends and family without worrying about injuries.
And while the kids immerse themselves in fun, adults can relax and enjoy a delicious snack or appetizer in our cozy café. Our space is designed for you to enjoy your time while keeping an eye on the little ones.

Coming soon, embark on a fun-filled experience at our Fair! Exciting attractions await you, ranging from a bouncy castle to a jumping attraction, a refreshing sweeper, trampolines, exciting excavators and mini hockey arcade machines, not to mention the fun motorcycles! This lively world of entertainment will soon be active for our customers.

Découvrez notre ferme Devesa, où les plus petits pourront faire une promenade très pédagogique en apprenant comment vivent les différents types d'espèces d'oiseaux, de chèvres et bien d'autres encore. Les enfants s'amuseront au contact des animaux tout en stimulant leur intérêt pour la nature et l'apprentissage. Les Jardins Samay Devesa offrent l'opportunité de voir comment fonctionne une authentique ferme d'animaux, qui cohabitent au cœur du parc naturel de l'Albufera.

Discover the beauty of L'Albufera de Valencia with the comfort of our exclusive pier at Samay Devesa Gardens. Explore one of Valencia's most captivating settings with our unique service. Our boatman, Juan, will guide you in detail, sharing his knowledge and passion for this wonderful natural area. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience as you explore the picturesque waters of L'Albufera, captivated by the serenity of this unique environment. Embark on a memorable adventure directly from our facilities!

For more information and reservations, consult our reception department.

Para más información y reservas consulta con nuestro departamento de recepción .

Explore the fascinating Dinogolf at Samay Devesa Gardens, a themed mini-golf that will transport you to the era of dinosaurs. This unique destination is ideal for enjoying with family or friends, offering 12 tracks with artificial grass and various levels of difficulty. Test your skill while surrounded by impressive life-size dinosaur figures, such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, or Velociraptor.

Capture unforgettable moments with original and fun photos next to these prehistoric giants and the lush tropical vegetation that sets the scene. Dinogolf at Samay Devesa Gardens is a unique experience you can't miss if you are passionate about golf and dinosaurs. Dive into the fun and excitement of this themed mini-golf that will delight both young and old. Discover the magic of the dinosaur era while enjoying an exciting game!

Captura momentos inolvidables con fotos originales y divertidas junto a estos gigantes prehistóricos y la exuberante vegetación tropical que ambienta el lugar. El Dinogolf de Samay Devesa Gardens es una experiencia única que no puedes perderte si te apasiona el golf y los dinosaurios. Sumérgete en la diversión y la emoción de este mini golf temático que hará las delicias de pequeños y grandes. ¡Descubre la magia de la era de los dinosaurios mientras disfrutas de una partida emocionante!

Devesa Park is the perfect outdoor setting for children to have unforgettable moments full of fun. From jumping on inflatable mattresses to exploring the ball park, exciting kart rides around our circuit, and sliding down vibrant slides, we offer endless activities for children to enjoy to the fullest. At Devesa Park, the fun has no limits, and our spaces are designed for children to share laughter and games with others, making our park one of their favourite places without a doubt.

Discover why we are one of the best campsites in Valencia with our top-level sports facilities. Enjoy regulation tennis courts with lighting, perfect for exciting matches. In addition, we have basketball, soccer, and volleyball courts to satisfy all your sports passions. Our facilities include changing rooms and showers available all year round, ensuring comfort and convenience during your stay. Dive into a world of sports activities at Samay Devesa Gardens!

For more information and reservations, consult our reception department.

Para más información y reservas consulta con nuestro departamento de recepción